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Can snoring be controlled?

Snoring is often well controlled with oral appliances, particularly Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).  Snorers typically do not know that they may be disrupting another person’s sleep creating tiredness for their bed partner.

My husband makes choking sounds during sleep and at times stops breathing. Is this serious?

These are two symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OAS) which is a serious medical condition.  He should be checked by his physician and evaluated for a diagnostic sleep study, a polysomnogram.

Do dental devices work for snoring and apnea?

Dental Research shows that dental devices are quite effective for snoring, mild and moderate sleep apnea.  They have also helped some patients with severe apnea, who are unable to tolerate CPAP.

Do most dentists have training in oral appliance therapy?

No.  Few dentists are actually members of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the organization that trains and educates dentists in the use of oral appliances.  Dentists who have been credentialed are listed on the ADSM website with the letters ABDSM after their names.  They usually are affiliated with at least one hospital sleep center and have treated significant number of patients with the condition snoring and sleep apnea.  Do not hesitate to ask a dentist about the extent of their training in oral appliance therapy.

Are oral appliances costly?

Oral Appliances that are custom made and micro adjustable often have similar cost to surgery of CPAP treatment.  In fact oral appliance therapy can often cost about the same as the diagnostic sleep study, the polysomnogram.  Unfortunately medical insurance companies vary widely on their coverage of oral appliances.  Some companies are now reimbursing patients in part of full for their appliances.

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