CPAP Alternatives

No More CPAP!

Don’t Want to Wear a CPAP? We hear you! In fact for the past 12 years we have been listening to patients tell us why they don’t wish to wear or consider CPAP.

Even though a CPAP forces air and keeps the airway open, many patients find the side effects such as restrictive face masks, machine noise, and claustrophobia actually compromising their good night’s sleep. Some people even rip off their mask in the middle of the night leaving themselves untreated, a medical risk.

Oral appliance treatment has been the answer for many of these patient’s problems. The size of dental retainers, oral appliances hold the jaw forward there by opening the airway. Easy to wear, small in size, and totally contained in your mouth, oral appliances allow you to comfortably sleep in any position, on you side, front or back.

We never tire of hearing from our patients who tell us how their oral appliances have helped their sleep and improved their lives